(Photo: Chris Tonucci)

(Photo: Chris Tonucci)

Greenpoint has seen so many new bars and restaurants open in the past few months (not to mention coffee shops), those living on the Northside can be forgiven for feeling an onset of  “up-and-coming neighborhood” fatigue. Still, there’s plenty to be excited about in the arrival of Bread for the Eater, a new café/bar from the team that brought Cheeky Sandwiches to the Lower East Side. The excellence of Cheeky is already well established, and a location in the mostly (for now) bar-free McGolrick Park area means a potential break from the foodies and beer nerds littering Manhattan Avenue.

The space is still in the throes of construction, with clouds of dust surrounding the brick oven left over from the pizza place that previously occupied it. Still, owner Din Yates says Bread for the Eater will be open on the first of September or before, “no matter what.”

At first, the menu will be simple: “baguettes and croissants, coffee, sandwiches, beer and wine for now.” Further plans for a dinner menu and “a breakfast club” will be developed after opening. And as for that pizza oven, it’s not going anywhere. “It will be absurd not to use that wondrous piece of equipment,” says Yates. “Even more of an atrocity to destroy it. It will be a focal point to many of the dishes, as well as keeping you warm in the winter.”

Those expecting Cheeky to make a No. 7 Sub-style expansion may need to keep their expectations in check. Bread For The Eater will definitely be it’s own thing, though Yates promises there will be “a bit of cheeky-ness sprinkled in.”

Bread For The Eater, 168 Driggs Ave., nr. Diamond St., Greenpoint