M. Henry Jones showing off a piece in his old studio. (Photo: Noah Fecks)

Forget Smurfs 2 — this week one of the East Village’s trippiest artists, M. Henry Jones, wants to show you some 3-D that doesn’t suck.

Jones is the muttonchopped master of the “Fly’s Eye” technique, in which a sheet of about 2,400 closely packed micro-images (similar in appearance to a Magic Eye image) appears as one large 3-D object when viewed through a screen of special lenses. The end result is a portrait like the one below, depicting Jones’s mentor, integral photography pioneer Roget de Montebello.

Jones creates the sort of infectious retro-futuristic artwork that would make him the toast of Bushwick Open Studios if he had a place at 56 Bogart. But he’s very much an East Village holdover. He had a studio on Avenue A for 20 years, until a rent hike forced him to move to East 10th Street, between Avenues C and D. But you’ll still see the gray-haired hipster tooling up and down Avenue A on his banana-seat bike.

A year ago, Jones managed to raise $11,000 for his work via Kickstarter. Now he’s putting on “The Hyperdimensional Event of Summer 2013,” featuring his recent portraits of some “legends of the New York art world” as well as the lenticular art of Marc Friedlander (who will also play music as his alterego, Mark Zero) and the paintings of Petar Timotic, whose work hangs in Nublu.

Sure you could pay $18 to see Pacific Rim — or you could see some homegrown 3-D and enjoy an adult beverage for absolutely zilch.

“The C 3-D Show,” at CICNN151, at 151 Ave., East Village; Thursday, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.