After weeks of construction and a few nights of previews, Skal finally opens to the public tonight.

Olibjorn Stephenson, a partner in Ten Bells, bought the former Les Enfants Terribles space with the intention of creating somewhere that would have a strong neighborhood appeal. The light, airy room — done in Robin’s Egg blue — is designed to evoke an Icelandic coastal cottage, the cheap-and-cheerful seasonal homes seen all over Scandinavia. It’s cozy and eclectic, with flowery saucers decorating one wall and white shelves lined with homey tzotchkes.

The menu consists mostly of share plates, with a number of seafood dishes and plates that are herbaceous, veggie-oriented and light on butters. But while the food has Nordic influences, it won’t adhere to any strict regional cuisine.

“The chef has the menu designed so you want to sample a bit of everything, you want to create your own palette, your own scheme with the food. We have salty, we have sweet, we have char,” explained sous chef Robert. “For the most part we want people to come and taste different flavors.”

In addition, Skal will offer a robust cocktail menu with craft cocktails inspired by the food, and a roster of natural and biodynamic wines. The kitchen will be open until midnight with the bar running until 4 a.m. There’ll be a 20-seat patio, so we expect a lively street life on the corner of Canal and Ludlow.

And judging by some second-hand reviews, the food will be good, too.

As Robert told us, in the midst of rolling a dozen thick pork-and-chicken sausages: “Apparently last night people said they were orgasmic.”

Let’s just say we’re intrigued.

This week’s menu.

Skal. 37 Canal St., at Ludlow; 212-777-7518.