(Photo: Anna Silman)

So much for hot-dog sliders and funnel-cake fries. The nook that briefly held Munchies Joint is getting a seriously healthy makeover: the pint-sized storefront at 85 Stanton Street will soon be home to Heartbeet Juicery, a Brooklyn-based boutique juice cleanse company.

Daniel Swatosh and Maria Margolies started the company last fall, with the intention of offering juices that are 100% fresh and raw with no processing or additives of any kind. “We’re really just not about processed foods. We work with local farms,” explained Swatosh. “Most of the juices on the market are processed, especially things you’d buy in a grocery store and other larger, very well known companies. We could never ship our product across the state because it would never survive. Our juices have a three-day shelf life.”

So far, Heartbeet has been operating mainly via home delivery, offering six-packs of juice made to order in a variety of flavors. The Stanton location will serve as HeartBeet’s first stand-alone outpost, although they also retail in Tribeca’s Steven Alan home store and at Ashtanga Yoga, as well as running pop-ups at the Hester Street Fair.

(Photo: Heartbeet Juicery)

“What we’ve learned is that people just want juice,” said Swatosh. “And to take the time online to get juice delivered to your house is sometimes an obstacle. This is something that will make our juices more accessible to people.”

While Heartbeet offers a range of juice cleanses tailored to different lifestyles, Swatosh is careful to explain that Heartbeet is not just about cleansing. “Definitely people juice cleanse and go on fasts with them, but I think what’s important at this point, for the long run, is juicing,” she said.

The store, slated to open the first week of August, will receive daily shipments of fresh juice from Heartbeet’s Williamsburg production facility, so that Lower East Siders of all juice intensity levels will be able to grab and guzzle on the go. They will also offer lemonade, coconuts and fresh juice by the cup.

With Dimes Cafe also forthcoming, could the LES be experiencing a health-food renaissance? What’s next – Stanton SoulCycle? Say it ain’t so.