If you missed La Luz’s first New York City show Sunday at Mercury Lounge, you’ll want to catch them at Shea Stadium tonight. The band, formed a year ago in Seattle, plays surf rock tinged with lead singer Shana Cleveland’s fluid guitar riffs, Marian Li Pino’s sometimes punishing percussion, Alice Sandahl’s mesmerizing keyboard work, and haunting four-piece harmonies.

While they prepare to release a full-length LP in October, they’re touring behind “Brainwash,” an EP recently released by Suicide Squeeze.

Normally, Play Room features New York bands in their rehearsal spaces. But we couldn’t resist taking these Pacific Northwesterners to the Lower East Side location of Seattle pizzeria Via Tribunali, where we figured they’d be at home enough to perform a rare acoustic version of their single “Call Me in the Day.” Watch the video to find out what they love most about visiting NYC.