summercampposter1The sleep-away camp we told you about last month has come and gone, but fear not: you can still revisit your summer camp experience in the honeyed glow of nostalgic reverie.

The Wild Honey Pie, a live-sessions-oriented music blog, is teaming up with Consequence of Sound to launch Summer Camp, a day of live recording sessions in the wilderness of northern Westchester County. (The specific location of the property is a secret.)

A hundred campers will be randomly selected from a pool of RSVPs to watch bands like Caveman, Yellow Ostrich and Widowspeak perform stripped-down sets, which will be filmed and posted to The Wild Honey Pie. In addition to live music, there will be traditional summer camp activities like arts and crafts, a pool party, volleyball, BBQ, s’mores, and boating (the property is on the lakefront). All of this, somehow, is free.

“Reliving a day at summer camp seemed like a fun concept that I haven’t seen done in this way before,” says Eric Weiner, founder of The Wild Honey Pie and Summer Camp. Weiner’s family owns the property where Summer Camp will go down, and over the years he has filmed a few sessions for the site there.

“I’ve been dying to have multiple bands come up and this year finally decided it was the right time,” he adds. “Once we started planning these sessions, it became very clear that there was an opportunity to do something new and truly special for anyone involved.”

Weiner sounds an eager, enthusiastic tone when discussing the festival. “I want everyone to come away thinking that their day at Summer Camp was carefree, insanely fun, and a break from their every day routines,” he says. “And that they were able to spend time with bands that they love, bands they would otherwise have to share thousands of other people with, and get to know a different side of them.”

Summer Camp will take place on Saturday, August 10, about one hour north of the city via Metro North. RSVPs are open until the first.