Brooklyn Bike Park, Domino Sugar Factory lot

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Shiti Bike indeed? A software glitch earlier this month temporarily exposed the account information of over 1,000 Citi Bike members. A bumbling attempt to contain the damage was distinguished by the sending of error-riddled letters to those whose info may have been compromised. Cue the Yakety Sax. [Gothamist]

Everyone’s talking about rent regulation these days, it seems, and the New York Times is on it. [New York Times]

A “thirty-something, appropriately ashamed, unfailingly polite, elaborately grateful male craigslist perv” posted this Craigslist ad, seeking an “attractive-ish female” who is either a hipster, or can convincingly fake hipsterness, to, ahem, moon him. Ladies: you’re in luck! This prizewinner is willing to host the encounter at his East Village apartment. [Gawker]

Hey there: a wild Bill Murray re-appeared in Williamsburg last night, at Briskettown. If you were there, let us know! Did you moon him? [Free Williamsburg]

BuzzBuzzHome has new info on a 216-unit development coming to 421 Kent Avenue. [BuzzBuzzHome]

Punk rock club St. Jerome’s is shutting down after five years on the Lower East Side. They’re having a send-off tonight at Lit Lounge. [Bowery Boogie]