ArchieLooks like “Too Much Tuna” has a new filming location.

A homey luncheonette specializing in deli-style chicken and tuna salad is slated to open within the next couple of weeks at 23 Third Avenue, right around the corner from the madness that is St. Marks Place.

Archie & Sons comes to the East Village by way of Long Island, where owner Howard Cohen managed the original branch of the lunch joint for 15 years, before deciding to close up and reopen in the city.

“It looked like the neighborhood was in need of basic homemade salads, soups, sandwiches, and pita,” said Cohen about his choice to settle in the East Village.

(Shh, nobody tell him about B&H and Stage, on the other end of the block.)

This will be a true luncheonette — open daily only for breakfast and lunch. Construction is well underway in the nook next to Continental that previously held a name-challenged falafel joint and an inappropriately named slice joint. The décor will be cheerfully bright and reminiscent of an old-school ’50s diner, with lots of pastel blue, tin, and no doubt a good number of crusties camped outside.