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Remember those Steve Jobs sweatshirts we watched Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta make in their Williamsburg studio? Well, you can now see the finished $200 pieces of “wearable fan art” in a dreamy promo video for Eckhaus Latta’s forthcoming autumn/winter line. Click on the photo above to watch the short film, by Alexa Karolinski, over at Purple. And see below for a sort of poem the designer duo sent over with it. Fun fact about Cupertino: “The Apple headquarters is a space station engulfed by foliage.”

“Creation comes when you learn to say ‘no’…” Hate myself for thinking that. Didn’t want to feel this way.
Water plants.
Netflix pillow, we didn’t make it past “the truth is out there.”
Swaddling­ to wrap an infant in fabric in order to restrict them, to pacify them.
Should wake up­ wake up; read my email as my eyes focus.
I’m not really sure where we would raise our children.
The Apple headquarters is a space station engulfed by foliage.
(We have each other) My Smart Phone.
How do I turn off My Smart Phone?
How do I turn off?
What will happen to all of these clothes when we die? Is there any truth to synthetic fabrics?
Everything is flammable. Textiles that spontaneously combust; acknowledging this should make us more
capable of addressing the world.
On monofilament:
Will there be a day when we stop seeing each other on the street and only online?
If so, will I recognize you?
–­ Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta February 2013