Posing! (Photo: Anna Silman)

So, Girls was filming at the recently shuttered Bridge Gallery this morning and look! we were lucky enough to run into Lena Dunham, clad like a thrift-store pirate, just as she was leaving the set. When she kindly stopped for a picture, we were humbled to see that after two years in the paparazzi spotlight she still poses like she’s on a middle school field trip.

As for the scene itself, the now-defunct art gallery was decked out to look like, well y’know, an art gallery, because all relevant New York living takes place in art galleries. And while we don’t exactly know the content of the scene, as hardened Girls viewers we have some pretty good guesses.

Lena Dunham

Doing director-y stuff on set (Photo: Anna Silman)

  • Marnie and Hannah go to Booth Jonathan’s art opening after her inevitable breakup from Charlie, only to find that the photos are all of Marnie sleeping. “I like it” quips Hannah.
  • Shoshana, on the rebound from Ray, starts dating a successful, older gallerist who wants to make her his “muse.” Hannah and Marnie get in a fight over who would be the better muse. Shoshana freaks out about having “old man sex.”
  • A haughty gallery owner (played by real-life gallerist Laurie Simmons a.k.a. Lena Dunham’s mom) agrees to give Marnie a job after previously rejecting her. Marnie proceeds to ruin the art opening by singing an a cappella rendition of “Blurred Lines.”
  • The girls, hearing that the Lower East Side is “the new new Williamsburg,” check out a gallery opening there only to find that the show is being thrown by Jessa, now a successful Manhattan gallerist. Hannah, angry at Jessa for disappearing, gets too drunk and ends up pulling out her tits. (No real plot development, but everyone sees Lena Dunham’s tits).

Seriously we could go on forever with these. Hey Lena, you looking for some new writing staff?

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