We know we only gave you a few hours’ notice on the at 285 Kent last night, so if you failed to get your weekend noise fix, here’s another excellent option.

Joe DeNardo’s noise outfit Growing is currently on hiatus, but tomorrow night at Secret Project Robot, the South Williamsburg resident will team with Rose Kallai to revive “Spheres of Eden,” a piece they performed earlier this year at Live Arts Week in Bologna.

DeNardo promises “a very loud and colorful jam – something that makes the audience feel transported to another realm, outside themselves,” and after peeping the above clip of their soundcheck, you might just agree.

The droning calls back to Growing’s earlier and heavier albums, while the pulsing visuals are like their cover art put in motion (DeNardo’s collages have appeared in a lot of the band’s artwork).

DeNardo’s been busy during the band’s hiatus with his new solo project, called Ornament, and with his film work. He recently completed two short films about Gun Outfit and Eleanor Friedberger titled “Where’s Anton” and “She’s a Mirror.”

Kallal has been equally diligent with her image installation “Stop Begin Feel Again” at Participant Inc last year, a performance in London in April, and plenty of new sound/image work.

Since they both have such defined styles, we asked DeNardo to describe the collage-like assembly of “Spheres of Eden.” He explained: “Rose and I shot footage in our studios, thinking specifically about this project. Some of it is found footage remixed with video synths, and some are more abstract light creations, but everything takes on a new context first being re-filmed in our 16mm cameras, then through the loop assembly, and finally in the arrangement / sync fluctuations of the live projections.”

All of which makes for the perfect Sunday comedown.

“Spheres of Eden” with SSPS and Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe at Secret Project Robot, 389 Melrose Street, Bushwick; Sunday at 7pm