We never thought we’d see Billy Rohan on a Citi Bike. You’re more likely to catch him skateboarding in Iraq or backflipping off a cop car.

But the other day he shot us an idea: “I thought it would be a funny skit to take these silly bikes to famous skate spots and get our friends to ride them on stairs and skate parks.”

It’s not Rohan’s first stroke of genius. After moving to New York from Gainesville, Florida in the late ‘90s, he studied Freemasonry, got sponsored by the Wu-Tang Clan, started a brand and radio show, and earned the title of New Yorker of the Week for the program he created to teach skating to East Village high school kids.

Earlier this year he showed up darting around Times Square with Quim Cardona in a chaotic “Off The Grid” clip for The Berrics. But he used a clunkier set of wheels for this Bedford + Bowery video. “The bikes are super heavy so it was pretty much a horrible idea from the start,” he reported.

Horrible idea? Watch the video and see why we completely disagree.

Video by Taji Ameen