(Photo: Brando Skyhorse)

(Photo: Brando Skyhorse)

Max Fish isn’t the only Lower East Side bar that’s Brooklyn bound. Welcome to the Johnsons is opening a sister spot in Bushwick. Unlike the Rivington Street den of depravity, it’ll be called simply The Johnsons. But don’t worry – it’ll still be welcoming. More so than the scruffy original, it could be argued, since it’s about four times the size.

The offshoot, at 369 Troutman Street, will feature an open-air patio that’ll be in full swing till closing time, said owner Lisa Gartner, who also co-owns Sweet Paradise on the Lower East Side.

The sheltered front patio will have picnic tables as well as a takeout window for food (the menu is still in the works).

We know what you’re thinking: picnic tables? but where are we going to suck face with a complete stranger after drinking way too much whiskey? Whelp, the indoor area will feature a bar, a pool table and white vinyl-type booths that, while a far cry from the ratty plastic-covered couches at the original, will do just fine for bad decisions.

The Johnsons will open later this month. (And don’t worry, we’re assured the Lower East Side original is staying right where it is.) We’ll have a look inside then.