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Todd Barry at EastVille

Just off his Crowd Work Tour, during which he did nothing but work the crowd (buy the documentary on Louis CK’s site), the wriest comedian in the business (except for Steven Wright, maybe) returns to his scripted act, with some crowd work thrown in for shits and giggles. He’s joined by Aaron Berg and others.

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Colin Quinn Thinks Todd Barry’s Building Ruins the Entire East Village

Todd Barry's fly trap. (Photo:

Todd Barry’s fly trap. (Photo:

Part of the reason we’re digging the relatively new Todd Barry Podcast is that it’s recorded in the comedian’s apartment — located “right in the heart” of the East Village, “where all the action is,” as he told Dave Hill while apologizing for all the siren and dump-truck noises.

On yesterday’s episode Colin Quinn laid into Barry’s high-rise building near Union Square. (Barry used to live in a Second Avenue walk-up beneath Sarah Silverman’s place, but moved a few years ago.) Read the exchange that only two New Yorkers could have.

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