Judge Thwarts NYU Expansion; Ferry Could Get More Stops

Looking festive, DUMBO dog shrine

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

A State Supreme Court judge has blocked about half of NYU’s Greenwich Village expansion plan, saying that the city unlawfully turned over park land without first getting approval from the State Legislature. But the school says it can still move forward with the first tower, which could be as tall as 26 stories. [NY Times]

The New York City Economic Development Corporation has recommended 11 new ferry stops, including Grand Street in Manhattan. [DNA Info]

Apartments in a converted church on North 6th may hit the market soon. [Brownstoner]
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MeLo-X On Remixing the Beyoncé Album for Blue Ivy’s Birthday: ‘I Have No Limits’


It is so freaking cold outside, we nearly forgot the gloriously momentous occasion that occurs on Jan. 7: Blue Ivy Carter’s birthday (that’s the holy spawn of Jay-Z and Beyoncé, in case you actively shun all pop culture media outlets). You know who didn’t forget Blue Ivy’s special day? Brooklyn-based rapper and remix mastermind MeLo-X, who released his remix of Beyoncé’s self-titled album, Yoncé-X, earlier today (following some carefully conceptualized teasers on Instagram, naturally).
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How Cool Is This: Stephen Malkmus and Momofuku Gave Away Ice Cream Today

(Photo: Anthony Pappalardo)

(Photos: Anthony Pappalardo)

Pavement fans once again proved their devotion to frontman Stephen Malkmus by showing up for a signing on the new year’s coldest day. Those who trooped out to Momofuku Milk Bar in Williamsburg — geared up in LL Bean, Doc Martens and beanies — were rewarded with complimentary posters autographed by Malkmus and his backing band The Jicks, along with the last thing most would want when the temperature drops to 10 degrees: free soft serve.
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It’s Movie Night at The Bowery Mission

(Courtesy Bowery Mission)

(Courtesy Bowery Mission)

It’s not all that often that church pews double as theater aisles at The Bowery Mission’s Lower East Side Chapel but that’s what happened today, as local homeless men sought refuge from the single-digit temperatures.

Staffers set the thermostat above 70 degrees and unspooled a projection screen to show DVDs of The Bible, a 10-part miniseries that aired on the History channel last March. (The Blind Side was screened during a previous film session.) A few dozen men wearing hooded sweatshirts and nylon jackets watched stories of Jesus, Moses and Sampson before a backdrop of Christmas tree garland and organ pipes.
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Rumors Fly in Menachem Stark Case; Bill Murray Melted Hearts in Williamsburg

Allied Hardware

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Police now say Menachem Stark was squashed to death. “It might be that they sat on him to get him under control and that they wound up killing him that way,” a police source tells the Daily News. [NY Daily News]

According to the Post’s sources, Stark’s business partner told police they owed money to characters who could be involved in the killing. [NY Post]

Meanwhile, rumors are flying in South Williamsburg: “One rumor had it that Mr. Stark had told his wife in recent weeks that he was being followed by men in a car. Another held that Mr. Stark had borrowed $500,000 from a mysterious, unidentified lender the day of his kidnapping.” [NY Times]
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On St. Marks, Piercings Trump Fro Yo — Again

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

If there was ever any concern that there weren’t enough places on St. Marks to get your belly button pierced at 2 a.m. on a Friday night, Elite Jewelry and Piercing Co. has just opened, replacing self-serve fro yo shop Yogurt Station.

It’s the second late night “body mod” outpost to claim the space of a frozen yogurt joint on this very block (NYC Kulture replaced a Red Mango just across the street), which would suggest that the drunken vagabonds of St. Marks would rather enhance (or disfigure) their physical appearance than enjoy a frozen treat. Except that vegan ice cream joint DF Mavens is coming to the block.
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Joyce Carol Oates Wants Tarantino to Direct a Menachem Stark Movie

Source: Wikipedia Commons

(Wikipedia Commons)

Police have yet to identify suspects in the death of Brooklyn real estate magnate Menachem “Max” Stark last week, but author Joyce Carol Oates is already endorsing a feature film about the man and the murder.

“Only a great film can do justice to rise & fall of Menachem Stark. Scorsese or Tarantino?  Coen brothers?” tweeted the 75-year-old Pulitzer Prize nominee.
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Here’s Everything Olek Swaddled in Yarn Last Year

Last time we saw Olek in action, she was yarn bombing a car in Williamsburg. So where’s she been since then? Just about everywhere, it turns out. The mad crocheter just posted a sizzle reel of her work from last year and in it you’ll see swaddled versions of a statue of El Cid in Seville, Spain (where she now has an exhibit up), a shopping center in Russia, a locomotive in Poland, some half naked people at Jonathan LeVine Gallery, and the amazing Doggie Diner heads on Treasure Island, in San Francisco. Not that any of them beat her experiment in Cubism.

Revisit Punk With Desperate Teenage Lovedolls or Folk With Don’t Look Back

Spectacle’s month-long Rockuary series is going full force from the start with a David Markey double feature you can’t afford to miss…

This Friday at 7:30 p.m. catch Desperate Teenage Lovedolls and, at 9:30 p.m., its follow-up, Lovedolls Superstar. Two girls decide to start a band, find a drummer, a manager and battle it out with rival bands, gangs and anyone else who dares to get in the way. The band’s manager Johnny Tremaine is played by Steven Shane McDonald of Red Kross and Off! and the movies feature music by Red Kross, Black Flag, Dead Kennedys, Sonic Youth and more. This is a definitive piece of punk rock history! The screenings are only $5 a pop and are back-to-back.

Catch these and other films about possessed cats, mutilated children and Bob Dylan we’re Reel Psyched about this week.
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