It’s been too long since the last season of The Eric Andre Show, which may well be the most gonzo show on tv (think Jackass splattered together with The Tom Green Show, with a touch of Tim and Eric). Happily, season 4 finally premieres on Adult Swim on Aug. 5 (watch the trailer above), and the show’s spazzed-out anti-host, a master of destroying sets and creeping out and confusing his own guests, is terrorizing city streets once again.

Yes, that was him at the Democratic and Republican conventions, risking his life (or so he told Colbert) at an Alex Jones rally, making love to a Hillary Clinton impersonator, and generally giving Triumph the Insult Comic Dog a run for his money as best convention troll. And yes, that was an Eric Andre pop-up shop that hit the Lower East Side over the weekend.

One of Andre’s most enduring bits— wherein he dresses up like a human Mountain Dew ad, chugs salad dressing, and asks random brotendos to “ranch” him– came to life on Thursday when the Legalize Ranch pop-up shop opened at 2 Rivington Street, off of Bowery.

There was some amazing neon art of Andre ranching it up.

#legalizeranch #brotendo

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Andre himself was there, buzzing his bros and signing autographs as a line snaked out the door.

"Buzz me bro" #legalizeranch

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met my idol and biological father today #legalizeranch #investigate311

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There was many a superfan.

LEGALIZE RANCH 2K16 (Yes I wore this for my entire subway ride) #LEGALIZERANCH #theericandreshow #freethenipple

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And plenty of ranch flavors to be sampled.

And a freakin’ ranch fountain.

it's beautiful #legalizeranch @ericfuckingandre

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Ranch was chugged.

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@ericfuckingandre this is one of the few causes I support #LegalizeRanch

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And it wasn’t always pretty.

#legalizeranch @ericfuckingandre free the gullet

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But it looks like the swag was worth it.

Support it. #legalizeranch

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As always with Eric Andre, there were the perplexed. “Can someone tell me why this is a thing?” asked one confused Instagrammer. If you have to ask, you’ll never ranch.