(Photo: Carolina Iwanow)

(Photo: Carolina Iwanow)

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream– even Leo DiCaprio, apparently. Everyone’s favorite bear-attack survivor stopped by the Hester Street Fair’s Ice Cream Social on Saturday afternoon. Wild guess: he was cruising the weekly market for a new pageboy cap in order to keep the paparazzi from peeping his next Malibu makeout sesh. If so, he wasn’t exactly successful– Williamsburg-based jewelry designer Carolina Iwanow managed to snap this photo as he strolled past her booth.

Iwanow, a Hester vendor since 2014, usually teaches a jewelry workshop on Saturdays, but she decided to put in an appearance at the fair this past weekend. Lucky her: “Suddenly I see this guy with this hat and it’s like, ‘Why do I know this guy?'”

As a designer of Eva Mendes’s jewelry line and an actress herself, Iwanow isn’t one to pester celebs. “I wanted to give him a piece or something but also if I would do that, that would mean everybody would recognize him.”

Still, she couldn’t resist discretely documenting the actor she considers a throwback to Newman and Redford. “I thought, I’m going to take a picture, just to send to my parents.”

Iwanow isn’t the only one at Hester who stole Leo’s soul. Michael Chau, the photographer behind @foodbabyny, tried to snap a photo but it was bombed by the actor’s mom.

Given that level of protectiveness, it’s not surprising Iwanow asked us to share this message: “Sorry, Leo!”