(Photo: Phil Provencio)

(All photos: Phil Provencio)

On Monday night, Broken Comedy celebrated co-founder Michael Che’s 31st birthday with a full-on blowout. Inside an extremely packed backroom at Matchless in Greenpoint, Che hosted the night alongside co-founder and regular host Nimesh Patel.

Che hadn’t been around the show in a while as he’d been busy writing for Saturday Night Livethis season, and now he’s been poached to be a new correspondent on The Daily Show. Below are quotes from the heavy-hitter comics who made up, as Broken Comedy said, “Easily. EASILY. The most ridiculous lineup we’ve ever had.” Everybody, including Che, was asked, “What advice would you give Michael Che on his way to The Daily Show?”

<strong>Jeffrey Ross</strong>, Comedy Central’s <em>The Roastmaster General</em>

Jeffrey Ross, Comedy Central’s The Roastmaster General

“Enjoy the process. I wish him a lot of luck because he makes all comedians look good. When a comedian comes out of the New York clubs and gets a gig like that, he makes us all look good. So, I know the New York comics were all rootin’ for him."

<strong>Nimesh Patel</strong>, co-founder of Broken Comedy

Nimesh Patel, co-founder of Broken Comedy

"Treat everything like it's your first project. And just do the opposite of what Vargas would do.”

<strong>Mike Birbiglia</strong>, <em>Sleepwalk with Me</em>, <em>My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend</em>

Mike Birbiglia, Sleepwalk with Me, My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

"I’ve never met anyone who needs any less advice than Micahel Che. He just has incredible instincts as a comic. He’s one of the few people who you watch and you know. From the first time I watched him, I was like, 'Oh yeah, he’s a star. That’s what a star is in comedy.' He doesn’t need advice from me."

<strong>Nikki Glaser</strong>, MTV’s <em>Nikki & Sara Live</em>

Nikki Glaser, MTV’s Nikki & Sara Live

“Just keep doing more of what you’re doing because anything you touch just turns to gold. Can he do wrong? I don’t think so. He’s gonna be so huge. It’s an honor to know him when he will still talk to me. He’s one of those people that I am going to be proud to say I knew him when.”

<strong>Mark Normand</strong>, NBC’s <em>Last Comic Standing</em>

Mark Normand, NBC’s Last Comic Standing

"The only thing I can think of is he just shouldn't let the producers know about his crippling coke problem. He's been great about hiding it all these years. It's actually helped him seem confident on TV and stuff. But if he can just keep it together for a few more months, he'll be great. Plus, Jon Stewart started in the '80s, so he gets it. Good luck, Mike!"

<strong>Ricky Velez</strong>, Featured Comedian of the Week at Broadway Comedy Club

Ricky Velez, Featured Comedian of the Week at Broadway Comedy Club

“I can’t tell Che what to do. That guy’s a beast. He knows what he’s doing. He’s a player. Players know how to play, man. Che’s the man. Don’t worry about him. He’ll be good.”

<strong>Neal Brennan</strong>, <em>Chapelle's Show</em>, <em>The Champs</em> podcast

Neal Brennan, Chapelle's Show, The Champs podcast

“Nah, he’s got it, man. He knows what he’s doing. I really think he’ll be fine. He’s a smart dude and he’s got a good point of view, and they’ll give him good shit to say.”

<strong>Leslie Jones</strong>, <em>Saturday Night Live</em>

Leslie Jones, Saturday Night Live

“Stay honest to the game. Stay honest to comedy, which I know he will do.”

<strong>Dan Soder</strong>, <em>Comedy Central Stand-up</em>, MTV’s <em>Guy Code</em>

Dan Soder, Comedy Central Stand-up, MTV’s Guy Code

“Don’t get any women pregnant.”

<strong>Michael Che</strong>

Michael Che

"Don't Forget what got you there, kid."