While we count the days until WPIX airs its recently unearthed vintage yule log footage, the city’s new wifi kiosks are showing a virtual fireplace of their own. I can’t tell whether this is adorable or deplorable. After all, the lovely log is sandwiched in between ads for Abercrombie and H&M. Is it yet another instance of the once humble yule log being used as a marketing gimmick? If so, this is right up there with Donald Trump and Mike Pence invading my Facebook feed with ads for their abominable #MAGA Christmas-tree ornament. (By the way, the “Today only!” sale has been offered to me over the course of several days, which means you should never believe a word these guys say about THE HOLIDAY SEASON.) Anyway, this is definitely the least relaxing yule log ever. You can’t even hear the crackling of the flames over the cabbie who’s blasting his horn as a deliveryman yells, “Fuck you, you fuckin’ fuck.”