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Market Hotel is Back, For Realz This Time

Sleater-Kinney's sound check before their December 16 show, and the pole heard round the world (Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev for New York magazine)

Sleater-Kinney’s sound check before their December 16 show, and the pole heard round the world (Photo by Konstantin Sergeyev for New York magazine)

Market Hotel did a remarkable job of capturing our attention with that Sleater-Kinney show. It’s almost as if the place is run by someone who knows a thing or two about putting on a great show. Huh. But since the Liquor Man and his cohort of party poopers (er, the State Liquor Authority) had only granted a temporary license for the soft opening, we were starting to get a real bad case of nervous dry mouth at the thought that perhaps we’d be waiting a long time for the Bushwick DIY venue to officially throw open its doors at Broadway-Myrtle. After all, we’d waited about half a decade already…

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That Notorious Pillar at Market Hotel Has Its Own Twitter

DIY venue the Market Hotel is back, as of December 16 (Photo via Market Hotel / Facebook)

DIY venue the Market Hotel is back, as of December 16 – this is back pillar, currently not on Twitter (Photo via Market Hotel / Facebook)

The internet never ceases to amaze us. And after failing to remember who or what broke the internet last, we decided it doesn’t matter at all because it’s been shattered into a million pieces once again. And it was the birth of the Market Hotel Pillar Twitter account (@MarketPillar) — which happened sometime after the DIY venue reopened for what was, by all accounts, a spectacular Sleater-Kinney show — that signaled the internet’s passing.

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Monday: An Evening With the Owners of the Night


Sure, it’s fun to sit around remembering CBGB and the Mudd Club, but what about the great clubs and creative hubs of today? Join us Monday at the B+B Newsroom as five trailblazers of North Brooklyn nightlife discuss the state of play circa 2013.

John Barclay will be coming off of a win this week’s Paper Nightlife Awards, where his Bossa Nova Civic Club scored Best New Club (New York considers it the Best Dance Club, period, and gave it another shout-out in last month’s Everything Guide to Dancing).

Barclay operated 285 Kent before legendary DIY promoter Todd Patrick (aka Todd P) turned it into a nightly destination for all-ages indie rock shows. Patrick, also the founder of Showpaper, is now in the midst of reopening beloved underground spot Market Hotel as a fully licensed indie music venue; last month he announced he was also reopening the original location of Silent Barn as a yet-to-be-named artist’s studio space and an all-ages venue for avant-garde and experimental music.

Also joining us will be Peter Shapiro, who owned celebrated Tribeca club Wetlands before opening Brooklyn Bowl in 2009. A couple of months ago, the bowl-o-drome announced its expansion to London and Las Vegas. Shapiro, also the publisher of Relix magazine and a founder of the Great GoogaMooga, recently relaunched Lower East Side burlesque mecca The Slipper Room and the venerable Capitol Theatre in Port Chester.

Jify Shah will be coming off of a blockbuster week at his Williamsburg venue, Cameo, which just hosted CMJ showcases by some B+B favorites (Mexican Summer, Cascine, Wild Honey Pie, etc.). In addition to attracting some of Brooklyn’s most exciting indie-rock and electronic acts and DJs, Cameo is New York‘s Best Stand-Up spot of 2010, thanks to house fixture Max Silvestri.

In 2008, Jake Rosenthal co-founded PopGun Presents, which produces concerts, parties, festivals and events around town. He and his partner Rami Haykal began booking Glasslands — one of B+B’s favorite places to catch a show — in 2009 and assumed ownership of the Williamsburg venue last year.

We’ll get the party started Monday at 7 p.m., at 155 Grand St., off of Bedford Ave., in Williamsburg.


Todd P : Boyd Rice Show Will Go On Even Though He ‘Sucks As a Human Being’

Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.36.59 PMTodd P just sent out an epic missive explaining why 285 Kent won’t be among the venues canceling Cold Cave shows due to the addition of controversial opening act Boyd Rice. Patrick says that since Cold Cave added the provocative noise musician to the bill of tomorrow night’s show, 285 Kent has been subject to a “small uproar” involving “multiple oblique threats, several curse-laden late night crank calls, anonymous threatening text messages.”

But even though Rice, per Patrick, is a “washed up 80’s era troll” who “has spent the last 30 or so years saying truly disgusting things – everything from palling around with the KKK to wearing Nazi uniforms to advocating the subjugation of women and the efficacy of rape,” the show must go on in the interest of free speech. There will, however, be “literature at tables set up in the lobby, explaining who Boyd Rice is and what his shameful history entails.” Read the entire letter for yourself — it’s a doozy.
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