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Watch the Melvins Cover ‘Rebel Girl’ With Teri Gender Bender

We’re big fans of Kathleen Hanna. We’re big fans of King Buzzo. So imagine our delight last night at Santos Party House when Buzzo and the Melvins brought out Teri Gender Bender, the firebrand frontwoman of opening act Le Butcherettes, for an amped up version of “Rebel Girl.” (Grunge trivia: Kathleen Hanna is the one who wrote “Kurt smells like teen spirit” on the walls of Kurt Cobain’s apartment, spurring the song title; Buzzo, who has covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” with Leif Garrett, recently said the Cobain documentary Montage of Heck was 90% “total bullshit.” Discuss.) Watch it above and when you’re done, check out their cover of “Moving to Florida” by the Butthole Surfers, with former band member Jeff Pinkus on bass.

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