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Performance Picks: MTA Love Poems, Jeb Bush Meets Sam Shepard, and More


(flyer by Alex Farr)

Holding: A Queer Black Love Story
Wednesday, July 12 at Secret Project Robot, 9 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

This performance is presented as part of queer, trans, POC-centric collective BUFU’s month of community programming, available in full on their website. Created and performed by Alex Farr and Kimiko Matsuda-Lawrence, Holding explores the ways one can tell a queer black love story in 2017, particularly in these more precarious political times. Prioritizing the powerful nature of being soft and kind to others, the show states, “We name our tenderness as an act of resistance—intimate resistance that should be celebrated, protected, and cared for.”

After the performance, the artists will stick around for a talkback discussion, unlike a certain David Mamet who recently said he would fine artistic groups $25,000 if they dared to publicly discuss his work after a production of it.  More →

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A Glöggfest and a Donut Soiree Are Coming to City Reliquary

finaldonut3-jpeg-1024x732City Reliquary, the NYC-obsessed cabinet of wonders at the corner Metropolitan and Havemayer, isn’t usually a foodie destination — but it’ll celebrate two of life’s sweetest indulgences next week.

Dec. 7, the museum kicks off its latest exhibit, “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut,” with  a “grand donut soiree” featuring glazed samples from local shops like Peter Pan Donut, the Doughnut Plant, Dough. Plus, donut-inspired games from “How to Run a Successful Party.” The 1940s booklet (just one of the items that self-described “donut ambassador” Julie Thomson has culled for the exhibit) promotes donuts as “morale boosters,” and who can argue with that?
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