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Rockaway Rundown: Bluth-Style Frozen Bananas Coming to 97th Street (+ More)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP's Instagram)

Bolivian Llama Party getting ready to Rock. (Photo: BLP’s Instagram)

Earlier this week we noted that Caracas had reopened in Rockaway with a new sidekick at its Beach 106th Street concession stand.
Now a Parks Department spokesperson confirms that Rockaway Taco won’t be doing flautas at the 97th Street stand this year. But these places will be back by tomorrow (in fact, they’re opening today, according to this tweet from Motorboat and the Big Banana).
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Rockaway Concessions Gain Roberta’s Pizza, Ice Pops, Fro Yo… But Lose Booze

So, yes, Rockaway has three new outdoor drinking spots – but what about the boardwalk concessions we already know and love?

The good news is this: Roberta’s has set up a mobile pizza oven on a short stretch of boardwalk on Beach 69th Street and will be slinging pies on the weekends, weather-permitting.
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