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Richard Gere Is On the Streets: 6 Things Homeless NYers Want His Film to Show

Richard Gere today. (Photo: Elizabeth Flock)

Richard Gere today. (Photo: Elizabeth Flock)

We found Richard Gere this morning huddled between two trash containers on East 10th Street, between First Avenue and Avenue A, where the actor is filming Time Out of Mind, a movie about a homeless man in New York.

Just blocks away, near Tompkins Square Park, a handful of actual homeless New Yorkers pushed carts filled with bottles and cans they had collected for resale. Over on Second Avenue and East Seventh Street, a group of “travelers” sat outside the shuttered May Chan restaurant. We asked both groups of people to share a little bit about their daily life. Here are six things they said the film should portray about homelessness in New York City.
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