Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 4.21.51 PMDuende is “the heightened state of emotion that we often experience as shivers [run] up and down our skin when we are moved by a song or performance,” says Benjamin Moe. It’s a feeling he’s experienced from time to time, and it’s the centerpiece of the inaugural issue of Table Talk, a journal of ideas that aims to “talk about these things that we all feel but don’t really talk about — the inexpressible!”

The biannual publication — which launches tonight in an old red schoolhouse turned loft space in Bushwick — aims to be “a magazine that goes past the borders of academia, that publishes both well-known and unknown thinkers.” Moe, who attended Reed College and hatched the concept while summering in Greece, imagined something “that’s unorthodox. That doesn’t follow the rules of a normal publication.”
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