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A New Web Series Captures the ‘Balanced Chaos’ of Bushwick, and Friends With Benefits

("Friends With Benefits For Life" Tumblr)

(“Friends With Benefits For Life” Tumblr)

“Friends With Benefits For Life,” a new web series filmed in Bushwick, defies all stereotypes. Ben (played by Ben Kronberg) and Ana (played by Stefanie Londino) have a child together, but are strictly friends with benefits, a situation that gets more and more complicated as the show progresses. Director John Reaves describes the result as “our perspective on life and love and Bushwick (there’s your catchphrase or t-shirt slogan) in the form of some offbeat yet lovable characters.” He talked to us about why he chose to film mostly at Cobra Club and why you should check out the first season, now up on YouTube. We love it already.
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Location Revealed for St. Marks Bookshop’s Intended New Home

East 10th street. #eastvillage #nyc #newyorkcity #iheartny #imagesforyoursenses

(Photo: Bahramforoughi’s Flickr)

So this is creepy, but if you’re babysitting a child this coming Wednesday at noon, you can take them to the Sunshine Cinema to see Lars Von Trier’s Nymphonamiac: 1 for free. [Brokelyn]

A man attempting to rape a 51-year-old woman in Chinatown was, thankfully, stopped and arrested. [NY Post]

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Greenpoint Fire Burns for 11 Hours; Beastie Boys Settle with ‘Princess Machine’ Creators

Skate Park

Photo: Skate Park by C Ceres Merry

Take a look at photos from the scary fire that raged all night at a Greenpoint recycling plant. The flames were finally quelled around 6 a.m. Four firefighters suffered minor injuries and there were no fatalities. [Greenpointers]

The Beastie Boys have settled a legal dispute with GoldieBlox, a toy company that used a tweaked version of the rappers’ song “Girls” to promote their “Princess Machine” to, you guessed it, girls. Now, more importantly, where can we get our hands on one of those Princess Machines (asking for a friend)? [NY Daily News]

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A Shooting in Williamsburg; Drama at the Half-Marathon; An AirBNB Brothel

Critters, Flea & Bedbug Inn

(Photo: Francisco Daum)

Four young males–a 12-year-old, two 14-year-olds and a 17-year-old–were shot Friday evening at South 1st and Roebling Street in Williamsburg. All four victims are expected to live. No arrests have been made. [NY Post] Police have released surveillance photos of the suspect. [Gothamist]

A bus driver suffered a stroke behind the wheel while driving on Nassau Ave. in Greenpoint, injuring at least five people and damaging nearly two dozen vehicles. [NY Post]

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Katz’s Sues Katz and Dogz, Car Plows Through Crowd at SXSW


(Photo: beau-dog Flickr)

Katz’s is suing a competing pastrami truck for naming its operation “Katz & Dogz.” We are currently fashioning our “Team Katz’s” -shirts in order to capitalize… er… show our support. [NY Daily News]

Two are dead and many are injured after a car evading a drunk driving stop plowed through a crowd at SXSW. [Austinist]

Check out the glitzy new interior of the restored Williamsburgh Savings Bank. [NY Times]

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Brooklyn Buildings Marketed to Beijingers; BrisketTown Taps Free Kegs

First Street Green

(photo: Scott Lynch)

What does that pesky groundhog know? The truest sign of spring arrived yesterday: Gemma at The Bowery Hotel put its tables outside. [Eater]

It’s a sad day for pizza lovers (so, everyone). LES pizzeria San Marzano, which had initially closed temporarily due to a burst pipe, is now closed for good. [Grub Street]

Some investors from Beijing are advertising some very fancy looking apartments on China’s largest real estate website. But wait… these apartments are at 421 Kent, in Williamsburg! []
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