Bang On!'s morning partiers dancing in the mini loft, 9:30am.

Sure, we’re well into January, but we’re only just now recovering from our post-New Year’s Eve haze and putting together the pieces of the night. Personally, I put my faith in the You Are So Lucky masquerade ball, put on by some of the wild-eyed dreamers from The Danger (RIP) and JunXion. They bused attendees to a secret location that ended up being a former copper baron’s 72-room, 22-acre estate, and it was pretty amazing, as Instagram photos attest. The only downside was that it was all the way out in Yonkers. Luckily, photographer Nick McManus was back in Brooklyn to document the festivities there. From sundown to sunrise, he hit no less than 16 parties and shared with us his group portraits from each. Click through the slideshow to see who turned up.

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