(Photo courtesy of Dokonoko)

Dokonoko, a new Williamsburg-based womenswear brand, launched its debut line last night in Manhattan. For the next three months, you can peruse the label’s colorful, funky pieces at the new Soho location of Bulletin, the local-designer showcase that also has a store in Williamsburg.

Dokonoko was launched by Tokyo-born graphic designer Reina Sugiyama and her fellow New Yorker Lacey Voss, who has designed for American Outfitters and Victoria’s Secret. The brand describes itself as “a play on many things: Japanese and American cultures, femininity and feminism, identity and stereotypes, and the seriousness of the retail world.” The quintessential “Dokonoko woman,” according to the brand’s manifesto, had an international upbringing (Sugiyama was a globe-trotting diplomat’s daughter) and “found her freedom to be truly herself” in New York City.

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