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The Story of Marnie’s ‘Pretty Modest’ Engagement Ring On Girls

Marnie psyched On the just-ended season of Girls, Marnie accepted Desi’s marriage proposal, sounding the death knell for anyone hoping that she’d somehow reunite with Charlie to make “brown babies.” The 1920s bauble sported by Marnie (Allison Williams) was supplied by local jeweler Erica Weiner, who owns shops in Nolita and Boerum Hill.

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Utopia, Indeed: Pop-Ups, Sample Sales and PBR-Fueled Shopping

Carleen's "Utopia" sweatshirt. ($180)

Carleen’s “Utopia” sweatshirt. ($180)

As if all the holiday markets weren’t enough, these pop-ups and sample sales are still more reason to fill yr shopping bag with locally made chicness.

Carleen Pop-Up at Erica Weiner
Nov. 21 to Jan. 1 at Erica Weiner, 360 Atlantic Ave., Boerum Hill; 718-855-2555
A B+B favorite, Bushwick-based Kelsy Parkhouse, is debuting her Carleen line’s Fall 2014 collection via a pop-up inside of Erica Weiner’s Boerum Hill shop. Look for a “Weiner”-ized version of Carleen’s “Utopia” sweatshirt and outerwear incorporating vintage quilts.
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This Jeweler Isn’t Big On Gems, Is More Into Transatlantic Cable

Erica Weiner in her Greenpoint Studio (Photo: Kirsten O'Regan)

Erica Weiner in her Greenpoint Studio (Photo: Kirsten O’Regan)

“I find gems to be really boring” is not something one expects a jewelry-designer to say, but Erica Weiner says it and means it. “It’s more interesting to talk about De Beers’ advertising campaign than to talk about how big and perfect a diamond is. I do not give a shit about how big and perfect a diamond is.”

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Erica Weiner to Mark Down a ‘F#$%-ton’ of Jewelry This Weekend

Ensphere Necklace, was $55, now $45 (Photos courtesy of Erica Weiner Jewelry)

Necklace was $55, now $45 (Photos courtesy of Erica Weiner jewelry)

Trying to overcome your nagging perfectionism? At an upcoming sample sale in Greenpoint, you can buy all sorts of jewelry that’s soon-to-be discontinued, or flaunting lovable mistakes.

“It’s kind of Frankenstein versions of a lot of the things we have in the collection—things that resemble collection items but didn’t make the cut because they weren’t quite right,” said Emily Ruane, publicist for Erica Weiner. “One-of-a-kind experiments, basically.”

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