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Bliss Out to Modern Masters Glenn Branca, La Monte Young, and Steve Reich

This fall, fans of modern classical music will basically be rolling in a sonic leaf pile, as three modern masters make the scene.

Glenn Branca Symphonies, at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival.

Glenn Branca Symphonies, at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival.

Glenn Branca
Glenn Branca– whose sprawling guitar symphonies were a big influence on early Sonic Youth, among others– once collaborated with David Bowie on an audio-visual installation, as he mentioned during his 65th birthday celebration a few years ago and reminded us during his recent appearance a the Red Bull Music Academy festival. To honor his “hero,” Branca is debuting a new work, “The Light (for David),” at Roulette on Oct. 8 (advance tickets are $25-$30). He’ll also unleash a revised version of “The Third Ascension,” a followup to 1981’s acclaimed “The Ascension” that made its US premiere at The Kitchen in February. Bring earplugs, cuz Branca’s work can be ear-shattering and mind-melting.

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Minimalist Master La Monte Young Drones On About His New ‘Dream House’


Left to right: Alan Licht, Jung Hee Choi, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela. (Photo: Jung Hee Choi. Copyright © Jung Hee Choi 2015.)

La Monte Young, the minimalist master whose trailblazing work with droning has influenced everyone from the Velvet Underground to Sonic Youth to Brian Eno, who once called him “the daddy of us all,” made a rare public appearance at Red Bull Studios on Thursday, dropping some tantalizing details about a new Dream House installment coming in June to Dia:Chelsea.

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