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Here’s What Went Down On Max Fish’s Last Night

So, yeah. Max Fish closed last night with an epic sendoff. Yesterday photographer Daniel Savage shared his photos of the bar’s regulars and last night, our own Taji Ameen stopped in (or tried to, anyway) to hang with them. He brought back the video above and the report below.
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‘Last Call on Ludlow’: A Photo Tribute to Max Fish, Closing Tonight

Daniel Savage has been frequenting Max Fish for over a decade now. While the 31-year-old surfer and photographer doesn’t specifically remember the first time he set foot in the Lower East Side skater haven, he does recall the feeling: “I remember just being really wide-eyed about it all. I was new to NYC and it seemed like a place where people who were doing amazing things hung out. 178 Ludlow Street was where I wanted to be every night.”
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