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Video: Max Fish’s Triumphant Return to the LES

If there was any doubt Max Fish’s return to the LES would be epic, it was put to rest Saturday when the art bar’s reopening brought lines to its new door at 120 Orchard Street. Among those who packed into the sweltering room were downtown “it” girl Vashtie Kola, filmmaker Bill Strobeck, photographer Atiba Jefferson, artists Aliya Naumoff and Shelter Serra, and pro skater Braydon Szafranski.
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Here’s What Went Down On Max Fish’s Last Night

So, yeah. Max Fish closed last night with an epic sendoff. Yesterday photographer Daniel Savage shared his photos of the bar’s regulars and last night, our own Taji Ameen stopped in (or tried to, anyway) to hang with them. He brought back the video above and the report below.
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