Screen Shot 2013-06-28 at 6.36.59 PMTodd P just sent out an epic missive explaining why 285 Kent won’t be among the venues canceling Cold Cave shows due to the addition of controversial opening act Boyd Rice. Patrick says that since Cold Cave added the provocative noise musician to the bill of tomorrow night’s show, 285 Kent has been subject to a “small uproar” involving “multiple oblique threats, several curse-laden late night crank calls, anonymous threatening text messages.”

But even though Rice, per Patrick, is a “washed up 80’s era troll” who “has spent the last 30 or so years saying truly disgusting things – everything from palling around with the KKK to wearing Nazi uniforms to advocating the subjugation of women and the efficacy of rape,” the show must go on in the interest of free speech. There will, however, be “literature at tables set up in the lobby, explaining who Boyd Rice is and what his shameful history entails.” Read the entire letter for yourself — it’s a doozy.
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