blue ribbon fried chicken

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Clucking Chickheads Are Lining Up For Free Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken

(Photo: Anna Silman)

After a series of delays and under-the-radar soft openings (um hello, where was B+B’s invite?), Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is finally hatching today, which is a relief because we are running out of chicken puns.

Earlier today, an employee told us the restaurant would be hosting a free tasting around noon, and then closing and re-opening for another free tasting around 6 p.m. Word has gotten out: as we post this, there are 25 people in a line that stretches out the door. Some of them are getting disgruntled (one of them said the line hadn’t moved in 15 minutes) but if you’re in need of a free lunch, you might want to stop yolking around and get over there.
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