A man paws-es to look into the Newsroom.

A man paws-es to look in.

Folks, it’s time to let the cat out of the bag. That Tokyo-style cat cafe that might be coming to Williamsburg? Please don’t curl up into a ball when you hear this, but Purrfect Strangers was all just a crazy little experiment. Allow us to explain.

Bedford + Bowery, a collaboration with New York magazine, is opening an interactive newsroom at 155 Grand Street in Williamsburg, where we’ll have readings, discussions, performances, and who knows, maybe cats (Lil Bub does have a book out).

So why did we put up a poster saying we were opening a cafe with 100% hypoallergenic cats, gourmet coffee, and “nibbles from Brooklyn artisans”? Well, we wanted to find out just how quickly something completely ridiculoso could go viral while also testing the diligence of our local news gatherers. (Actually, our Newsroom will still have gourmet coffee.) Here’s how it went down.
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