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Presidential Porn Portraits Are Just the Start of ‘Why I Want to Fuck Donald Trump’

"Why I Want To Fuck Donald Trump" on view now at Joshua Liner Gallery (Photo courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery)

“Why I Want To Fuck Donald Trump” on view now at Joshua Liner Gallery (Photo courtesy of Joshua Liner Gallery)

Last week’s video of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault threw a giant dildo into a campaign that seemed impervious to shame, just as the candidate had almost started seeming more presidential (at least, in light of the spotty track record of previous presidents). As screwed up as the whole thing is, nothing in the video was all that surprising. The “locker room talk” only confirmed Trump’s image as a billionaire playboy who trades skyscrapers (his most phallic assets) like Pokémon cards, and gets whatever his little Trump desires.

“His whole image is vulgarly sexual in a way,” agreed Alfred Steiner, the curator of a very timely new art show. “And he’s played right into that the whole time.”

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East Villagers Feeling the Bern, and Hillary Too

Pure Americanah in the East Village (Photo: Luisa Rollenhagen)

Pure Americana in the East Village (Photo: Luisa Rollenhagen)

While there were major hiccups at a polling site in Williamsburg this Primary Day, things were pretty chill in the East Village, where the voters we spoke to seemed pretty split between Bernie and Hillary. (Maybe it was those Uncle Don posters, but no one seemed to want to Make America Great Again.)

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Bern Down For What: Hundreds of Sanders Supporters Marched For Bernie

(Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev)

Chants of “Feel the Bern,” “Not for sale,” and “We are the 99 percent!” echoed down Broadway on Saturday as New Yorkers participated in a national March For Bernie. The candidate himself was present only in the form of cardboard cutouts, hand-drawn portraits, and (in one case) a Bernie puppet, but that didn’t stop hundreds of supporters of all ages and stripes (humans, canines, pigs, a #butterfly4Bernie, and the purple people eater below) from marching from Union Square to Zuccotti Park.

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