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Whit Stillman Reveals Some ‘Appalling’ Dirty Words of Cinema

(Photo: J. Oliver Conroy)

I arrived yesterday at Film Forum’s Whit Stillman retrospective dressed not unlike a character in one of his films — tweed Brooks jacket, button-down shirt with gently frayed collar, a general air of the shabby genteel. I hoped he’d approve. I was about to consume three Stillman films in a single sitting — more than five marathon hours of witty, high Protestant banter — and it was an intimidating prospect; surely my most gonzo undertaking yet. More →

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Performance Picks: Drag Fundraising, Pop-Punk Burlesque, and More


(image via Wallbreaker / Facebook)

Thursday, May 9 at Macri Park, 10:30 pm: donation suggested

By now, you’ve probably heard of Drag Queen Story Hour, a wholesome event where drag performers from the local community go to a library or other such space outside of nightlife hours and read a story to some children. Once the sun goes down, you can support this heartwarming initiative at the latest edition of Wallbreaker, a monthly fundraiser party and drag show that will be aiming their philanthropy at Drag Queen Story Hour this month. There will be a raffle featuring all sorts of prizes alongside the main event: performances by Dezi 5, Junior Mint, Juniper Juicy, Mini Horrorwitz, and more. More →

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100 Celebrities Name-Dropped in Moby’s New Memoir

By now you’ve heard about Moby rubbing his dick on Donald Trump. But Trump is far from the only celebrity name-checked in the musician’s new memoir, Then It Fell Apart. The follow-up to Porcelain— in which Moby documented his younger years as a sober, Christian vegan– recounts the rise and fall of Moby’s superstardom, starting with the unexpected worldwide success of Play in 1999 and ending with his realization, nearly a decade later, that maybe pounding an estimated 100 drinks per week (all while regularly doing cocaine, ecstasy, and all the rest) wasn’t such a hot idea. After all, when you’re falling asleep on threesomes and you don’t know whose feces you woke up covered in, it’s probably time to reexamine things. More →

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Superfine! Art Fair Had a Very Fine Frieze Week

The artists, staff and attendees of Superfine! Art Fair NYC’s on it’s concluding day, 5/5/19. (Photos: Nick McManus)

Superfine! Art Fair ended its run in Soho on Sunday after exhibiting the work of over 60 artists during NYC’s Frieze Week. This year the fair, which moved downtown after two years in the Meatpacking District, partnered up with nearby Moniker Art Fair in Noho to try to lure art lovers away from Freize’s hub on Randall’s Island and Art New York on Pier 94. More →

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Mary Herron On Cults, The ’60s, and Her New Manson Movie, ‘Charlie Says’

Mary Herron (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Between Wild Wild Country, “The Stolen Kids of Sarah Lawrence” (now becoming a film), and the start of the Nxivm trial, cults are most definitely part of the zeitgeist these days. Mary Herron—director of one of the many Charles Manson movies coming out— shared some theories about them last night after a preview screening of Charlie Says, which hits theaters Friday following runs at the Tribeca and Montclair film festivals. More →

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Stronger Vision Zero Plan Demanded in Wake of Increasing Traffic Deaths

(Photos: Cecilia Nowell)

A bike messenger delivered two bags of fresh-cut flowers to City Hall just in time for Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets to take to the steps. At noon, members of the two organizations, joined by sympathetic city council members, laid pink roses and yellow carnations at the steps of City Hall– alongside photographs of loved ones who had died in traffic accidents. The organizations had joined forces to declare a state of emergency on Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Vision Zero Plan. More →

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‘Framing John DeLorean’ Is a Wild Ride With the Elon Musk of the ’80s

“It’s a DeLorean!”

With those three simple words in Back to the Future, the DMC-12 solidified itself in the mind of every ’80s kid as the coolest car ever made. With its iconic gull-wing doors and geometric stainless-steel exterior, the DeLorean is right up there with the Concorde as one of the most visually stunning vehicle fails of all-time, and its infamous creator finally has a documentary that’s as ambitious as the car itself. More →

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After 79 Years, Essex Street Market Has Left the Building

The vendors, staff and customers of Essex Street Market ringing the bells to close out the market’s original location at 120 Essex St., 5/5/17 at 6p. (Photos: Nick McManus)

With a champagne toast yesterday, the vendors of Essex Street Market said goodbye to their longtime home at 120 Essex Street ahead of its relocation across the street. Opened in 1940 in an effort to remove pushcarts from the street, the market continued to provide an affordable, diverse variety of food to its Lower East Side neighbors and beyond. More →