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Novelist Nell Zink Counts Ian MacKaye as a Fan, and Now a Character in Her Indie-Inspired ‘Doxology’

Nell Zink (Photo by Francesca Torricelli via HarperCollins)

Some writers grapple with grand ideas, while others compose devastatingly satirical works of fiction. Nell Zink’s got both neatly covered. Her latest novel Doxology spans several decades in the lives of its characters—notably Pam and Daniel, a young couple with a daughter named Flora, and their friend Joe, whose musical career takes off in the 1990s. More →

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Counterculture Cartoonist Mark Alan Stamaty Returns to MacDoodle St. after 40 Years

You don’t have to know comics to know the work of Mark Alan Stamaty. He’s responsible for the ornately illustrated cover of the first free edition of the Village Voice back in 1996; he channeled dozens of 1970s musical icons for the cover art for Will Hermes’s Love Goes to Buildings on Fire; and, more recently, he created a mural for Sonos’s first New York City store. And that’s in addition to a long-running career in comics, including books for both adults and children, which began in the 1970s.

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