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And Now, Watch Some Cardboard Robots Battle to the Death

The last time we were entertained by robots, they were crushing Led Zeppelin. Last Thursday, we watched them crush each other at the second annual Cardboard Robot Battle. The event took place at Standard ToyKraft, a sweatshop-turned-theater on Metropolitan Avenue in Williamsburg. Watch a cardboard WALL-E get short circuited in the video above.

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Sweet Chick Is Bringing Its Hungover Brunchers to the Max Fish Space

Some will shake their fist at news that Sweet Chick is taking over the former home of the late, great Max Fish. Others, not so much. They’re the desperate, hungover souls who shuffle into the Bedford Avenue comfort-food spot on any given Sunday, in search of chicken and waffles, shrimp n’ grits, and smoked pork hash. And bloodies all day.

We stopped in on a recent weekend afternoon for our inaugural edition of the Hangover Report, during which we ask brunchers to lose the Ray Bans and tell us just how bad the pain is, and what they got up to the night before. Watch the video to hear their tales of debauchery and penance.