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Debut Designer Willie Norris Believes in ‘Queer Capital,’ Not Rainbow Capitalism

Willie Norris (Photo: @heathersten)

In high school, Norris designed costumes for every theatrical production, and dreamed of being a fashion designer. And he dreamed of getting out of his homophobic community in Gloucester, Mass., where he desperately “tried to be anything but gay.” As the song goes, you can’t always get what you want. But if you try sometimes… More →

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Watch a ‘Peer-Reviewed Rapper’ Get His Brain Dissected By His Scientist Wife

(Photo: James Armandary)

Baba Brinkman bills himself as “the world’s only peer-reviewed rapper,” and nobody disputes the title. In college, the lumbering son of Canadian tree planters studied the parallels between hip-hop and medieval poetry and he has since carved out a niche with science-themed hip-hop shows and albums, such as “The Rap Guide to Climate Chaos.”

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