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City Gets a Budget, But Occupy City Hall Isn’t Budging

In the early morning hours yesterday after the New York City Council approved the City’s 2021 budget, NYPD officers advanced on Occupy City Hall protesters that had filled Centre and Chambers streets in downtown Manhattan, pushing them into City Hall Park. Though efforts by the police remained largely non-confrontational, many of the structures and stations set up by organizers were destroyed or damaged in the process. More →

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Another Weekend of Protests Shows Black Lives Matter Movement Broadening

Service workers protested Thursday. (Photos: Erin O’Brien)

A third weekend of protests against police brutality in New York City saw some of the largest crowds to date,  with calls for action only intensifying in the wake of  the killing of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on Friday, and the killing of two black trans women, Riah Milton in Ohio and Dominique “Rem’Mie” Fells in Pennsylvania. More →

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‘Make It a Little Kinky’: City Updates Its Viral Sex Advice

As New York was hunkering down for the Covid-19 pandemic on March 21, the city Department of Health released a statement advising New Yorkers on how to have sex while saying safe and healthy. The guide, which advised residents to abstain from rimming and to engage in virtual sex, circulated widely on social media. Now, as we’ve entered phase 1 of reopening and New Yorkers are looking to restart their romantic and sexual lives, the Department of Health has updated those guidelines. More →

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270 Arrested During Night of Protests Described By Mayor as ‘Overwhelmingly Peaceful’

As George Floyd was buried in Minneapolis, at a memorial service presided over by the Reverend Al Sharpton, protesters in New York took to the streets for a 10th day of protests in defiance of a citywide 8pm curfew last night. The day of protests began with a memorial service for Floyd at Cadman Plaza– the site of Wednesday night’s police crackdown– and ended in another show of police force that led to 270 arrests, the NYPD said. More →

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Protesters Clash With Police, Defy Curfew to Take Over Bridges and Streets

Eight days after the killing of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, protesters once again took to the streets of New York last night to call for an end to police brutality. In defiance of New York’s citywide curfew, which went into effect at 8pm, largely peaceful protesters marched through the streets until the early hours of Tuesday morning, and were met with markedly increased levels of police crackdowns. More →

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‘Horrible Perfect Storm’: Another Night of Protest and Unrest in NYC

As New York City recovered from a second night of widespread looting and destruction in the midst of protests against police brutality and the killing of George Floyd, Mayor de Blasio announced this morning that an 8pm curfew would remain in effect through Sunday. The move comes after a night of peaceful protest mixed with general disorder during which nearly 700 were arrested. That number is likely to rise as processing continues, said NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea. More →

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Photos: Protests Over George Floyd Killing Turn Violent in Brooklyn

During a third night of nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old unarmed black man in Minneapolis, New York City protesters gathered at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The demonstrations started peacefully at 6pm, but ended in clashes between protesters and the police. The photos in the above slideshow were taken from 6pm to 9pm; as of publication around midnight, altercations between demonstrators and police were ongoing throughout Brooklyn. More →

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Thrown For a Loop, Dancers Try to Regain Their Balance

Photos from a Hyp-Access class, before the pandemic. (Credit: Erin O’Brien)

With the COVID-19 lockdown, New York’s once thriving dance scene has ground to a halt. Broadway is shuttered, the Metropolitan Opera is closed, and the hundreds of community performance spaces throughout the city have indefinitely postponed their events. Many of the dancers and performers who live off of income from these events are now without jobs, funding, and, importantly, spaces in which to rehearse. Now, unions, institutions, and artists themselves are trying to figure out not just how to cope, but how to change the industry to ward off such devastation in the future. More →