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For the Folks Who Light Up the Lady of Mount Carmel Feast, It’s Christmas in July


The Feast (Photo: Eric Ohrt)

Tonight, the Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will come to an end as the 72-foot, four-ton “giglio” is hoisted and returned to its shrine on N. 8th Street.

The rides will spin to a halt and the lights will come down.
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Here’s What Should Be in Your 4th of July Growler, According to a King of Beers

The Sampler's taps. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

The Sampler’s taps. (Photo: Lauren Carol Smith)

Okay, fine, so you’ve chosen to ignore our 4th of July guide and you’re just going to head over to your friend’s BBQ to watch the fireworks on the roof. At least do us the favor of not drinking your friend’s crappy beer. Grab a growler and fill it up with one of Joshua M. Bernstein’s preferred pours. This guy knows a thing or two or three about beer: he’s the author of Brewed Awakening and the forthcoming The Complete Beer Course, and editor-in-chief of the Craft Beer New York app. Here’s what he recommends ordering at some favorite spots in his home borough of Brooklyn.

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