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‘Day By Day, It’s Getting Worse’: A Muslim Cabbie Talks Trump

Along with the rest of New York’s trades workers, cabbies are the unsung backbone of the five boroughs — a fact that is quintessentially American. But many in this group, made up predominantly of Muslim immigrants, have received Donald Trump’s travel ban as a message that they do not belong, are a threat, and that life as they know it here will get worse. In defiance of this message, many cab drivers showed solidarity to those detained at airports and to the protesters of this detainment by striking for an hour at JFK airport on Saturday.

Play our audio report, above, to hear a cabbie who is a Bangladeshi immigrant grapple with his developing view of what life in America is becoming for him, his family, and his fellow Muslims.

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Audio: Williamsburg’s Italians Don’t Like Being Called ‘The Leftovers’

The inevitable arrival of Lululemon is only the latest affront to Williamsburg. And nobody knows that better than the Italian community that has been there since the mid-1800s. As Leonora Russo, the “Queen of Williamsburg,” told us before she died in November, the neighborhood is “growing so fast… They started building condos, condos, and condos. It’s all we have now, condos, condos.” While longstanding traditions such as the Giglio Feast have survived that hyper-gentrification, East Williamsburg’s Italian Americans are feeling the pinch. We spoke to three life-long residents about what has changed, and what’s left today. Play the above sound file to hear their story.