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Want to Catch Eric Ripert in Conversation?

Eric_Ripert_3This Wednesday, Soho House is hosting what’ll surely be a momentous and memorable conversation with Eric Ripert, the acclaimed chef-owner of Le Bernardin. He’ll be speaking to Bedford + Bowery editor Daniel Maurer, so we’ve managed to secure a handful of the screening room’s 44 seats for our readers. For a chance to get your name on the list with a guest, just subscribe to our daily newsletter of top stories using the form below, or retweet this by Tuesday at 6 p.m., when we’ll contact two randoms (one a newsletter subscriber, the other a retweeter) to let them know they’ve won.
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We’re Still Giving Away Tickets For the Billy on the Street Season Premiere

As mentioned last week, we’re helping Vulture give away tickets to the invite-only season premiere of Billy on the Street, March 5 at Beacon Theater. All you have to do is be among the first 50 people to sign up for Bedford + Bowery’s daily newsletter, below, and we’ll put you on the list +1. You’ll see sidewalk silliness like the video Billy posted yesterday, in which he quizzes a random passerby on Scarlett Johansson’s vagina (or, as the kids are pronouncing it these days: vayaña).

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Follow Us and We’ll Give You All 20 of These Chanel Purses

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Okay, no, we’re not going to give you any of the Chanel purses on display at the Pilgrim store. Who do you think we are, Swagg Man? What me meant is that if you like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and sign up for our daily newsletter, you’ll be the first to know next time we see something as blingtastic as this display window — or, say, this golden loo. So, go ahead! We dabble in Tumblr and Instagram, too.

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Earwax’s Owner Says Rough Trade Is Welcome to Ride His Coattails

When Rough Trade opened in Williamsburg last month, we wondered how the neighborhood’s smaller record shops felt about the British invasion. Earwax Records, for one, describes itself as “the oldest standing record shop in Williamsburg — Since 1991! and still the most selective and quality oriented.” You can believe owner Fabio Roberti had some thoughts about the British behemoth opening up just a few blocks over from him on North 9th. Watch our video to hear what he had to say.

Video by Tamerra Griffin, Sara Afzal and Mel Bailey

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You Know These New Yorkers, But Can You Guess Who They’re Voting For?

After finding out who 300 of your neighbors are voting for, we once again teamed up with NYU’s Studio 20 to find out who and what some not-so-random New Yorkers are getting behind. Click the sliders to find out what a reality show star, a filmmaker, a few small (and not-so-small) business owners, and a pastor/politician would do if they were mayor.

Reporting by Lilah Raptopoulos, Catherine Kustanczy, Kristin Oakley, and the rest of the students of Studio 20.

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Here’s Our Mondo Map of How, Why (and Whether!) 300 Of Your Neighbors Are Voting

It’s been clear since the political ads started airing in August: New York City is in a ‘fromance with Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio. And with a 54-point lead in the latest poll, the Public Advocate is slated to be our next mayor. If the winner seems to be in the bag, will people still turn up to cast their vote?
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Watch ‘Here’s the Kicker!’ with Dave Hill, Greg Barris and More

Tonight at the Newsroom, Natalie Shure is hosting Here’s the Kicker!, a night of comedy with Dave Hill, Greg Barris, Matteo Lane, Sara Armour, and Neal Stastny. The yucks start at 7:30 p.m.; you can read more about the comics here and watch them live above. Update: The event has passed but you can watch an archived recording above.

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Sunday: Here’s the Kicker! A Night of Free Comedy With Dave Hill, Greg Barris + More

comiti8Join us at the Newsroom tomorrow, Sunday, as Natalie Shure – the creme da la Greenpoint comedy creme – hosts a night of stand-up. It’s a family affair! Shure, a grad student at NYU Journalism, will welcome Dave Hill, a New York magazine contributor who you also know and love from This American Life and just about a zillion other things. Plus East Village comedian Greg Barris, last seen debriefing a psychedelics expert, will be back fo mo, fo sho. We’re hoping he recycles his Holy Mountain Halloween costume for the occasion (see below). It’s all FREE — just let us know you’re coming.

DAVE HILL is a contributor on This American Life and has appeared on Comedy Central, MTV, VH1, TLC and other networks. He is the writer of the book Tasteful Nudes, and his writing has appeared in NY Times, GQ, Salon, Vice, McSweeney’s, and others.

Screenshot_2013-10-26-02-32-55GREG BARRIS is a staple in New York’s downtown stand-up scene and is the creator of Heart Of Darkness: a psychedelic showcase of comedy, live music and fringe scientists that has been a frequent Time Out New York critic’s pick, much loved by BrooklynVegan and hailed as ‘excellent’ by The New Yorker. Paper describes him as “the perfect combination of very good looking, hilarious and super-weird.” The next Heart of Darkness is Dec. 5 at the Bell House.

MATTEO LANE has performed on Keith and the Girl, Sirius XM, and the TBS Just for Laughs Fest in Chicago. He’ll be in the NY Comedy Festival and is headlining at Caroline’s Nov. 19

SARA ARMOUR is a recent NYC transplant from DC, who has performed in clubs and festivals nationwide.

NEAL STASTNY is a writer for MTV. He has performed at Bridgetown Comedy Festival, Brooklyn Comedy Festival and will be at the Hell Yes Fest in New Orleans.

NATALIE SHURE is a comedian, journalist and grad student at NYU. She has performed at Cape Fear Comedy Festival and has written for several publications.

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Watch the Creators of The Domino Effect Talk Williamsburg Development

Tonight at the B+B Newsroom we screened The Domino Effect, a film about the development of the Domino Sugar factory. If you missed it, watch online as we speak to filmmakers Brian Paul and Daniel Phelps, Colin Miles of Save Domino, Community Board 1 member Esteban Duran, and Daniel Campo, author of The Accidental Playground, a new book surveying the wilder days of the East River waterfront. More about the event and the film here. Update: The event has passed, but we’ve archived the discussion above.