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The Police Say CompStat Saved NYC, So Why Do NYPD Captains Want to Pull the Plug?

Bill Bratton (left), Bill de Blasio (second from left) and others after an active shooter training exercise in 2015.

One day in 1995, two officers from the New York Police Department walked up to a podium at Harvard University’s Ash Center. Louis Anemone and John Yohe were representing the department as a finalist in the Kennedy School’s Innovations in American Government competition, and their excitement about the force’s new, computerized crime-fighting system was palpable. “It’s revolutionizing the way the NYPD polices the city of New York,” Anemone told the judges. Giving officers rapidly-updating maps of crime all over the city, the system was “a shot of adrenaline to the organization of the NYPD,” the officer stressed, “right to the heart.” Previous decades had seen a tremendous rise in crime, but with the advent of CompStat, as it was called, the police said they were finally able to flatten the curve. More →

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Rockaway Boardwalk’s Super Burrito Opens a Year-Round Spot– With Tacos!

When Eugene Cleghorn and Sam Neely moved to New York from San Francisco back in 2007, they realized they had a problem. “There were, like, no burritos,” said Cleghorn. They had grown up chowing down on Mission-style burritos, the steamed and stuffed gut bombs pioneered in their hometown as a cheap eat for hungry workers. But in New York, pizza had always played that role, and the burrito had never taken hold. The duo decided that, one day, they would make this city taste a real burrito. More →

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Have Police Been Illegally Seizing Protesters’ Bikes?

(Photo: Erin O’Brien)

Shortly after the 8 p.m. curfew on June 3, journalist Armin Rosen was following a protest that was making its way through Downtown Brooklyn. The NYPD had rushed the crowd a few times and made some arrests, but the demonstrators had continued peacefully until they got to Borough Hall. That was when the rain came. “It went from nothing to a monsoon in like 30 seconds,” Rosen recalled.  “It was just total confusion. There were people flipping and running into each other.” More →

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A Protest Historian Takes a Hard Look at Our Latest ‘Overturning of the World’

(Photo: Erin O’Brien)

If you join a protest these days and find yourself among hundreds or thousands marching through an otherwise empty Times Square, you may get the sense that something distinctly new is happening. When else in history have demonstrations taken over the streets of almost every major city in the country? More →