(Photos: Bessie Liu)

Crowds gathered in Washington Square Park this afternoon as New Yorkers celebrated Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.

Cheers could be heard from the moment the election results were announced by AP News. Cars flew down the street, tooting their horns, in celebration of the Democrat’s victory.

“I feel thrilled,” said Jordan Einhorn, who joined the revelry after hearing it from indoors. “I called my mom to tell her. She was in Chicago and she started yelling at random people to tell them.”

The results came after almost three days of anxiously waiting for votes to be counted. Although many New Yorkers are relieved, some are cautiously optimistic about the outcome.

“I am hopeful of the future, but I am very dismayed that half our population still voted for him [Trump] after the past four years,” said Vicki Sando, who was among the crowd at Washington Square Park. “That says a lot about our country and what’s wrong with it.”

Pennsylvania was pivotal in the tail end of this democratic process, since the win in the state was necessary for the reelection of Donald Trump. Mail-in ballots, which had been highly criticized by the president, ultimately favored his opponent Joe Biden.

This election drew the highest voter turnout since 1960 and Joe Biden has surpassed Barack Obama in the popular vote

“It’s exciting to ignite so many people politically, and get record voter turnout and people involved in important things,” said Ally Vaugan, who came to join the celebration with her friend Jane Jhun. “Everyone wants to celebrate the end of a dictator.”

Voters have also elected the first ever female vice president in the history of the United States