(image via DPTV)

On 1 Condition: Quarantine Qitchen
Thursday, May 21 on Zoom, 7:30 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

Virtual shows inherently lend themselves to some art forms over others. It’s easier to, say, play a virtual concert in a bedroom with an acoustic guitar than it is to organize the logistics of a remote 4-piece rock band. And then there’s dance. It’s a full-body art form that typically needs plenty of open space, something that isn’t exactly available in abundance these days. However, that hasn’t stopped dancers from doing their thing. Dixon Place’s On 1 Condition: Quarantine Qitchen presents a unique challenge to dancers: they must create a new dance piece that abides by a “crazy rule.” Featuring performers from not just NYC but Hawaii, Australia, LA, and more, this show will surely surprise—if anything, because the rule for the dancers hasn’t been revealed yet.


(image via Forced Collaborations / Facebook)

Forced Collaborations: A Musical Comedy Hour
Friday, May 22 on Facebook Live, 7:30 pm: FREE

If quarantine has inspired anything, it’s introspection. Well, that and depression, frustration, impatience, the list goes on. Whatever effect it’s had on you, it’s certainly made it trickier to creatively collaborate with anyone, even yourself. Zoom brainstorm sessions might seem lackluster, and your guitar might be collecting dust by now. Enter Forced Collaborations, a show where performers have to pair up and get to work, or else. Comedic musicians Ian Goldstein and Gabe Nathans have asked a bevy of performers and writers to ban together and create a musical marvel. Or at the very least, an original song they can perform for all to hear.


(image via A+ / Facebook)

A+ Drag Show
Saturday, May 23 on Twitch, 8:30 pm: FREE (donation suggested) 

One of the many shows that have converted to the virtual stage is Emi Grate’s A+, a drag variety show featuring only performers from the Asian-Pacific diaspora. It’s gone from IRL stages at places like Bedlam and Club Cumming (#TBT) to streaming platform Twitch, formerly the domain of gamers galore. Saturday’s streaming show is a stacked one indeed, and is taking full advantage of the fact that you don’t have to live in the same city to perform on the same show now. You’ll be able to catch talented acts from Canada, Milwaukee, DC, Seoul, Singapore, London, and more, including names like Vander Von Odd of Dragula.


(image courtesy of Jamie Watson)

Murder at the Sleepover
Sunday, May 24 on TVCO App, 9pm: FREE 

Remember sleepovers? You know, where you’d gather in close proximity with a few other people and stayed up late and slept on the floor and didn’t worry about a worldwide pandemic? Those were nice. Even though they can’t really happen right now, you can live vicariously (and morbidly) through Murder at the Sleepover, a new virtual comedy show by Jamie Watson. It centers around an annual sleepover where the popular girls invite the nerd to live in their world for a night. Only this year, she gets murdered in the middle of her makeover. In addition to an awkward situation, it’s also a crime scene. But there’s a unique rule in their town: if the girls get to the bottom of the nerd murder instead of the cops, everyone’s off the hook.