Max Vernon (image courtesy of Everyman Agency)

New Songs Now In Your Living Room
Thursday, May 7 at Rattlestick on YouTube, 8 pm: FREE

These days, everything happens in your living room. Or your kitchen, or your bedroom, or maybe your balcony, if you’re lucky enough to have something like that. On Thursdays, you can welcome the dulcet tones of new music to your living room, thanks to Rattlestick’s new virtual series. They’re spotlighting local songwriters and theater composers, who will be performing new material and discussing their artistic processes, so you can see the sausage and how it’s made. Yes, that’s an unsettling metaphor, but so be it. This week, composers Max Vernon and Rona Siddiqui get their turn in the virtual spotlight. 


(image via Caveat / Facebook)

America’s Next Top Cult
Friday, May 1 at Caveat on YouTube, 7 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

If you’re anything like the average media consumer, you probably think cults are at least a little interesting. Maybe you’ve watched some popular documentaries, or perused an article or two. As intriguing as they are, learning about cults can be a little intense. Why not inject some humor into it? That’s precisely what America’s Next Top Cult strives to do. Hosted by Chuck Armstrong and James Hamilton, the show (which usually happens monthly, for an IRL audience) is a competition that asks comedians to come up with the most interesting and amusing cult idea they can think of. Of course, the audience—aka potential inductees—chooses which one they’d most prefer. Meanwhile, a panel of people (including an actual expert on spirituality) tries their darndest to poke holes in the cult leader’s plans.


(image via @switchnplay / Instagram)

Switch N’ Play
Saturday, May 9 on @switchnplay Instagram Live, 9:30 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

Those involved in some degree with the queer Brooklyn nightlife scene have probably heard of Switch N’ Play. Maybe you’ve piled into Prospect Heights’s Branded Saloon on a crowded weekend night to see the drag and burlesque troupe, or spotted them strutting on a swankier stage at Williamsburg’s National Sawdust. Obviously, none of that is possible right now. But you can still get your fill of glittery, inclusive, queer performance from the comfort of your own home. Every Saturday night, the crew takes to (where else?) Instagram Live to give you shows galore. This week, they’ve got special guests Junior Mint and Lucky Stiff doing their thing alongside SNP fixtures Miss Malice, Divine Gransparkle, Nyx Nocturne, K.James, Zoe Ziegfeld, The Illustrious Pearl, and Vigor Mortis.


(image via The Brick / Facebook)

Out of an Abundance of Caution: Volume Eight
Sunday, May 10 on Twitch, 7:30 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

“Out of an abundance of caution” is certainly one of the most relevant phrases today. As the old adage goes, if we’re successfully able to flatten the curve, our actions may seem in retrospect like overreactions. But they weren’t; that abundance of caution is helping to save lives. Now, I’m not sure The Brick’s weekly performance showcase is saving lives (it could be!), but it certainly will save you from an evening of boredom. The evening, a self-described “avant-garde microfestival,” is jam-packed with all sorts of surprises, and is loosely themed around one’s experience sheltering in place. There’s a slew of music (including tunes from a “cowpunk” band), a healthy dose of performance art, and other theatrical stylings from familiar faces like comedian Nadia Pinder, producer and theater artist Charles Quitty, high-energy dancing duo Yackez, and more.