The Cake Night Show
Wednesday, May 13 on Twitch, 10 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

Since quarantine began, it could be argued that drag queens didn’t get any less visible. After all, if you’re usually going out during Friday’s episode of Drag Race and are now stuck at home, you might as well tune in. But of course, queens aren’t the only type of drag performer out there. There are drag kings, and drag performers who constantly blur the lines of gender. They may not have a mainstream TV show, but they’re doing work that deserves to be seen. Tonight, collective The Cake Boys takes to streaming platform Twitch to give you a show that has drag, yes, but so much more. Structured as an absurd channel-surfing experience, you’ll get peeks of all kinds of creativity, from wacky fitness videos to what very well may be a Satanic version of Bob Ross. Oh, and there’ll be commercials, but not the kinds you’re used to.


(image via @comedyquarantine / Instagram)

Comedy Quarantine
Thursday, May 14 on @comedyquarantine Instagram Live, 10 pm: FREE

Laughter has felt particularly necessary these days, even if it’s just taking a moment to laugh about the absurdity of our current realities. But life itself isn’t always funny. Fortunately, comedians are here to keep you chuckling. While the world of virtual shows isn’t quite as staggering as IRL (remember when comedians would have 10+ shows a week, sometimes multiple in one night?), live comedy is still happening on a regular basis. Comedy Quarantine is one show that’s popped up since all this started, and they’ve been serving up stand-up multiple times a week for your virtual viewing pleasure. Thursday’s show features Cameron Esposito, Jane Harrison, Irene Tu, and Max and Nicky.


(image via Brooklyn Comedy Collective)

Carmen’s LOL Comedy Hour
Friday, May 5 on TVCO App, 79 pm: FREE

Comedy is usually a short-form performance genre. Your typical stand-up set doesn’t run much longer than 15 minutes, and if it does, it probably feels too long. Then at the other side of the spectrum, you have your filmed comedy specials, which can stretch as long as a feature film. For the Goldilocks of the world who want something in between, look no further than Carmen Christopher’s hourlong show this Friday. It’s not too short, not too long, and will hopefully distract you from any thoughts of impending doom. Carmen will be joined by some special guests, including Jo Firestone, Mary Beth Barone, Scott Nelson, Karolena Theresa, and Anthony Oberbeck. What fun!


(image via Baby’s All Right / Facebook)

Frankie Cosmos
Saturday, May 16 on Baby TV, 9 pm: $5-50 sliding scale

In a world without live music, you can still listen to your favorite artists at home—provided they have recorded music out, of course. You can even find new bands to listen to thanks to algorithms on streaming apps and good old fashioned research. But this can all start to feel a little too… polished. No LP can compare to the experience of hearing a song unfold live. You notice tiny ways it differs from its studio counterpart, and get a bigger taste of the musician’s personality. Frankie Cosmos is one band that has a staggering amount of recorded music; you could spend hours combing through their archives. But you can also still hear them live, thanks to Baby’s All Right’s Baby TV. They’ll be playing a live-streamed set on Saturday night, and you don’t even have to put pants on to see it.