(image via @maryhoulie / Instagram)

Mary Houlihan’s Lil’ Morning
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at @maryhoulie Instagram Live, 11 am: FREE (donation suggested)

While many comedy shows are only appropriate for an audience of adults, there’s plenty of funny fare out there for everyone to enjoy. Plus, it’s a specific type of achievement when someone is able to create something that makes multiple age groups laugh. You can catch something of that sort an impressive three times a week in the form of Mary Houlihan’s Lil’ Morning, found on Instagram Live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at the early-ish hour of 11 am. It’s technically a show for kids, but Houlihan and her gang of funny, musical friends are more than capable of putting a smile on everyone’s faces. So pause that pandemic-themed movie you turned on and start your day with something a little brighter.


(image via Pank Magazine / Facebook)

Text and Con/Text: Pank Books
Thursday, April 9 on Zoom, 8 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

Though venues are closed, some are moving their regular programming to the internet. Lower East Side performance fixture Dixon Place is one such space; this week they’ve launched “DP TV,” a digital stage of sorts featuring a rotating mix of show every week. The offerings are varied, reflecting the artistic diversity of a usual week at Dixon Place. On Thursday, their reading series with literary magazine Pank takes to the Zoom stage for a “virtual launch party,” spotlighting seven writers with recent book releases. Join the fun (using the Zoom password “panklovesu”) and witness readings of poetry, fiction, and more from Monica Prince, Melissa Ragsly, J’Lyn Chapman, Christine Hume, Elvira Basevitch, Jody Chan, and Shira Dentz, Plus, there’ll be chances to win free stuff.


(image courtesy of Rex Halligan)

Fire and Fury: Burlesque and Chill
Fridays on Vimeo on Demand, 9 pm: $5-10

Going to a burlesque show can feel like a big night out. But sometimes, you just want to keep your pajamas on. Good news! That’s now possible, thanks to virtual burlesque shows like Fire and Fury. Every Friday night, hosts Nip Fury and Rex Halligan are using Vimeo On Demand to bring you the same striptease spectacular they usually present at Lower East Side bar Bedlam, plus some additional goodies on occasion like a pre-show cocktail tutorial. And if you miss the show (or just want to relive it), you’ll be able to purchase a download of the whole affair, either for a 48-hour period or to have for as long as you like. Just remember, you can (and should) still tip the performers virtually.


(image via Caveat / Facebook)

Doctors Without Boundaries
Saturday, April 11 at Caveat on YouTube, 3 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

For obvious reasons, most talk surrounding health and medicine is permeated with a sense of panic and dread. As much as it’s important to stay informed on the latest news about the coronavirus pandemic, it’s nice to have something lighthearted from time to time. Caveat’s recurring show Doctors Without Boundaries is the best of both worlds. Hosted by two ER doctors who also do comedy, the show breaks down what it’s like to be working in hospitals these days while still finding time for some jokin’. After that, they talk with a comedian, advising them (comedically) on any health issues they might be facing. If you’re going to dwell on the news, you might as well do some laughing, too.


(image via @juniormintt / Instagram)

Sunday’s Best
Sundays on @juniormintt Instagram Live, 4 pm: FREE (donation suggested)

For some—especially recently—Sundays are a day of rest. Maybe every day is a day of rest, and that’s ok too. But for drag performer Junior Mint, Sundays are now a day of best. Specifically, at 4 pm every Sunday, you can find the charismatic queer performer on (where else?) Instagram Live, giving you a hearty dose of the positive energy we so desperately need right now. Expect lip-synchs, humor, affirmations, and plenty of Mint’s glowing presence beamed straight to your phone screen. In a way, it’s like the most inclusive church service around—a perfect antidote for those pesky Sunday scaries.